All musical instruments are tools of artistic expression. When they come together, they serve as a symbol of unity. The sound of an orchestra, for example, well tuned in the right acoustic ,space produces ONE round sound.

Individual instruments will usually produce unique tones which are usually characteristic of some events or moods. We know the Trumpet to be a heralding instrument: The flute/Picolo is soft and distinct for dirges or melancholic passages: The saxophone is a good communicator and has been used so much in love songs. etc.

Whilst the descriptions above could be true, a lot depends on the player/performer - His interpretation of the situation and music, his cultural and social background and how much he can extemporize with the instrument.

We believe that when you enroll with us to learn any particular instrument, you will not learn to just play but you will understand the History, social setting and the kinds of genres in which your instruments has played key roles.

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