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School Regulations

Site: Music Solutions School
Course: Music Solutions School
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Date: Friday, 16 April 2021, 2:48 AM


A. Students are advised to be regular at classes at all times;

B. Students are to note that failure to do assignments will affect their academic grading. Assignments form an integral part of our grading system;

C. Wearing of our approved school uniforms is compulsory for all children. However, it is optional in the case of adult students during school days but compulsory for school occasions i.e. Demonstration day, Graduation day, etc;

D. Students who absent themselves from classes without official notice shall be subjected to an extra time at a fee to enable them meet the required course duration.

E. Students who absent themselves from class for more than one month without seeking proper permission would be deemed to have ejected themselves from their program of study;

F. Students once closed from lectures for the day are advised to leave the lecture room to enable other students have access to the room and settle down before their lecture begins.

G. Deferring a course is allowed for a maximum period of six months.

H. All information regarding the school's curricular will be pasted on the notice board or shall be found at our website.

I.  Noise levels are supposed to be controlled to maintain the serenity of the environment.



In the event of an emergency, students should contact the Registrar/Vice Principal.  In the event of any civil unrest, it would be advisable for students to stay at home.  Where a student is already in the school he/she should stay in the school and maintain a low profile until it is safe to return home.  

A.Students may help by calling the AMBULANCE SERVICE (Tel: 911), FIRE SERVICE (Tel: 912) AND POLICE SERVICE (Tel: 333).

B.In the event a student is taken ill, he/she may access medical care from


C.Where necessary inform our security partners Hammer Security. Call Hammer Security Rapid Response number:  0244 604643



  • Students are advised not to eat in the lecture rooms.
  • Students should go out from the lecture room and eat on the compound instead of eating in the lecture room.

             A.        Wearing of approved school uniform:  Adults are not affected.
             B.        Loitering during classes hours is not allowed.
             C.        Noise Level must be controlled so that it does not affect ongoing lectures.

  • The civil rights of every student as enshrined in the constitution of Ghana are upheld by the school.  Acts of terrorism, harassment, assault, etc., shall be dealt with according to the laws.


Music Solutions students shall have the right to a learning environment free of unlawfully controlled substances (herein after called "drugs”) in order to ensure the safety of all students and the general public.

The use of, manufacture, sale or distribution of illegal drugs or learning under their influence on MSS premises is strictly forbidden and are grounds for immediate dismissal.

Alcohol shall not be consumed during school hours and no student shall learn under the influence of alcohol. Any student found under the influence of alcohol during school hours is subject to immediate discipline which may extend to expulsion or dealt with on a case by case basis.


Smoking is prohibited in the Music Solutions owned, leased or controlled facilities.


  1. Speaking to the media without any authorization is an offense;
  2. The use, promotion and sale of alcohol, drugs and Tobacco is an offense;
  3. Any form of harassment is an offense;
  4. No property of the school shall be taken out of the classroom/school premises without proper authorization;
  5. Stealing /pilfering of items shall be dealt with according to the law.
  6. All personal effects of students must be declared at the security.  For this reason the school shall brand its equipment/items and reserves the right to cease any item that is going out suspiciously.   

Any violation of the prohibitions above shall constitute an offense and the offender shall be dealt with accordingly in line with the school's disciplinary codes.